‘Sakhii’: friend, bae, gurl

Choosing a South Asian outfit is getting more and more difficult. Whether attending a wedding, or being that all important bridesmaid – it’s not easy finding the perfect dress.

Traditional wear doesn’t have to be heavy, glitzy and uncomfortable. We want to refresh our heritage, refresh our traditional attire to suit the needs of the modern day woman.

Sakhii London is created to do exactly that. Using ethnic fabrics and modern designs, we curate unique pieces for the modern woman and her bridesmaids. We tailor our pieces at the same high quality that you’re used to in your Western wear.

Our pieces are created to be traditionally subtle and exquisitely tailored. We mix class with comfort in our couture, offering pieces you can mix and match, and make your own.

This is for the South Asian girls in the modern world, wanting to keep their traditions close to their heart. This is for the girls attending South Asian functions who aren’t familiar with the culture but want to get involved in the celebrations. This is for your Sakhiis.